School Trips/Tripiau Ysgol

**SCHOOLS – We remain CLOSED, possibly until 2025.**
Please don’t email about school trips, we will post any updates on here. In the meantime here are two local options:

Phil gives interactive talks to groups and schools:

Melanie, a teacher based in Neath, offers great multiperiod workshops in schools, including WWII, and in Welsh.

At our museum we offer school day trips that fit in with the current curriculum, and is suitable for key stage 2 and 3. During the day children can dress up in 1940s clothing, get a tour of our 1940s street, watch news reels of the war, and have talks on rationing, evacuees, and life in an Anderson Shelter. Our programme is flexible and can focus on any theme the classroom is learning, such as the Blitz, Evacuees, the Homeguard etc.

Prices are £6.95 per child, and all teachers/assistants are free! We can also do the programme through the medium of Welsh! Please give us a call or e-mail for more information, or to book a day at 1940s Swansea.